Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KISS Wedding Books

Last week, I joined the many fabulous wedding and portrait photographers of the country at WPPI. Unlike my friends who were there to learn about their craft, I spent most of my time wandering around the casinos and the WPPI trade show floor. Instead of learning about photography (although I could use a refresher!), I learned a lot about album vendors. The very first thing I learned was that there are A LOT of them! Since I was overwhelmed, I'm sure everyone else was too. But thankfully, I took some notes and Armin (of Armin Defiesta Photography) was there to capture some video notes. So here's the first installment of many album vendor reviews to come:

KISS Wedding Books is an album vendor that I have designed for a few times. Overall I am impressed by them because of their commitment to their mission - "Keep It Simple Stupid" while maintaining quality in their albums.

Simply put KISS offers a limited number of options for their albums which keeps order complexity down and minimizes errors.

Here are some specifics:
  • 3 sizes, all square albums
  • 7 colors for all leather covers - no cameos, no printing or embossing, no frills
  • pano books, or "invisible" gutters (See Lesson 3)
  • design template available in InDesign format
  • accepts designs in .jpg format at 300 dpi
  • online file uploading
  • 2 week turnaround (or if they are behind, they let you know quickly)
  • dedicated order reviewer
  • all books come with a slip cover
  • design work is contracted to third party designers listed on their site
So for your brides who are looking for something simple, this is vendor is a great option. It will keep your workflow simple as well. However, for the bride who is looking for something more or if you want to upsell your bride on a "fancy" album, you're not going to find it with KISS.

Check out this video that shows you first hand a KISS album. Recognize the design?? :) Thanks Armin for posting the video!

Wedding Book Sample from Armin DeFiesta on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks for the review! It was good to meet you at the show.