Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a photographer really needs... the truth! Or at least someone who can answer some basic design questions in an objective way.

I just got back from a couple of fun filled days at WPPI. I met some incredibly talented photographers, got a chance to walk the trade show floor with a couple of them, and made some wonderful new friends. As I was spending most of my time visiting album vendor booths, I realized 2 things - 1) vendors never take the time to explain, they only try to SELL and 2) at first glance, all vendors look alike. So after getting some input from my new found friends, I thought two specific items would be helpful to all my photographer friends:

1) To define some basic album design terminology and guidelines
2) To provide basic album vendor reviews and provide tid-bits on vendors as I hear about them.

For all you readers out there, please send me any design related questions you might have. If you're asking, I'm sure someone else is asking the same thing!

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  1. A realize this is an old post, but a question I have as I research wedding album companies is "what is the best quality page to look for?...what will last?" There are so many options out there, thick, thin, laminated, photopaper etc. Any advise?